If you are planning to reform your home and you are visiting our website you are giving a good step towards successfully performed by, since our specialized team offers you the best advice and solutions, always adapted to your needs.

The first thing is to decide what we want to do

It seems obvious but the success of a reform begins with a clear understanding of its results: painting a room is not the same as renovating the kitchen, replace windows or renew heating.


Therefore the first thing is decide what we want. The most common reforms are usually:

  • An aesthetic renovation

We may be thinking of painting the walls or ceilings, change the tiling tiles or the floor tiles, replace furniture or sanitary appliances.. This type are usually simple and inexpensive reforms.

  • A functional change

They are those that pretend improve the distribution of our home. In this type of renovation it is very important to hire or advise a qualified technician because, for example, with the demolition of a partition, or opening a hole for a door or window, can affect the structure of the house.

Usually you want to improve the spaces (open spaces to give a feeling of spaciousness) or its characteristics (with a new lighting or integrated lighting)

  • An improvement in comfort and energy efficiency

In last place are the reforms that seek improve comfort and energy efficiency (noises, temperature, consumptions, etc.). This type includes the installation of thermal insulation, replacement windows, renovation of water facilities, or heating or cooling systems ...

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