In Ecocerter drew up reports or expert opinions in the field of construction, architecture or real estate matters. As accredited valid legal experts drew up expert technical reports for prosecution or judicial processes that need an expert report as evidence.

Property Valuation Expertise

What types of expert reports exist?

expert's report to establish the origin of pathologies.

supposed: In a house of new construction cracks are detected each year to be occupied by the buyer and want to know if it is due to construction defect, and it is intended to define technically and economically repair works pathologies.

expert's report to establish the technical and economic issues in contracts, budgets, invoices or certifications.

supposed: a subcontractor presents different certification on the amount collected so he hires an expert opinion to rule on cost differences.

expert report to assess damage from accidents

supposed: A community of owners want an external valuation insurance to assess the damage caused by flood.

expert's report to establish the suitability of works.

supposed: A community of owners requires the property owner an expert report neighbor because cracks have been detected allegedly due to the work and demolition in the neighboring property.

expert report to verify compliance with the technical regulations.

supposed: In a community of homeowners falling down stairs neighbor is produced and tested if they comply with the regulations.

expert's report to establish farms descriptive issues, solar or homes.

supposed: Two brothers disagree with the layout of the distribution of a plot of inheritance so hire a legal expert to draw up a comparative study between the reality of the plot, and determined by the title of each owner.

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