Gardening -


We offer a comprehensive design service, Construction and maintenance of gardens, we adapt to your needs and what requires your garden, whether large gardens, terraces, patios or groundcovers.
Our agricultural engineer Francisco Pereña expert with more than 10 years of experience will advise you on any aspect of your garden, installation, maintenance or technical required, after our technicians in gardening and flower shop they will do the rest.

- Installation, modification, improvement and repair of automatic irrigation systems (to reduce water consumption).
- Remote control of irrigation system.
- Periodic measurements of soil moisture ( to reduce water consumption).
- Landscaping project, stakeout and execution
- 3D realization of gardens before execution
- Building walls and earthworks
- Electrical installation
- Analysis of soil fertility (to reduce the cost of fertilizers).
- Subscriber and fertilization of green areas and meadows.

- Mowing meadows.
- Hedge trimming.
- Pruning shrubs.
- Pruning of trees and palms.
- Application of pesticides ( for weed control, Garden pest control and etc ...)
- Making golf courses and maintenance.

Pool -

Design and maintenance of pools

Buenos knowing that the pool main site to spend their free time enjoying and resting, why we pay attention to every detail in the design and maintenance of your pool. Among this maintenance services:

- Manual cleaning, mechanical and automatic pool cleaning robots suitable.
- Analysis and water treatment.
- Constant care of the engine room and pump systems, pipes and automata.
- Underwater repair pool tiles and lamps, HVAC and covers, restoration and renovation of pools.
- Boiler installation or pool heating systems.
- 3D design model to choose according to pool.
- Project design and implementation.
- License management councils.

Maintenance -

Property Maintenance

Multidisciplinary team of electricians, plumbers, gardening, construction, cleaners and paint.
In addition to the confidence generated all be coordinated and led by architects and engineers give way to the MAINTENANCE PROPERTY.
Therefore we deal with prevention, maintenance and in the worst cases repair any element of your home.
But the main goal of our service is the preventive maintenance of housing.

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