Differences between legalize or regularize



For dwellings on land for development and meet land management, but which they were built without planning permission, or for which the planning has been left out of planning.

Implies that housing is incorporated into urban planning the town with all its rights, the owner having to assume all obligations (addressing the urban charges imposed by LOUA), but also enjoying all the advantages (as the possibility of use or occupation license) and also perform renovations or improvements provided that the planning permits.

They are subject to the system SFIRE O "Outside situation assimilated to Ordination”.

They continue to maintain their status of construction on undeveloped land, so it is only "tolerated" by the Administration

It will not be allowed to perform expansion work, but those involving the maintenance of health, safety and habitability.

The owner will have to deal with the costs of access to basic services of water and electricity.

They may not get the license of first occupation nor may undergo expansion or improvement works, although they may sell.


scriptures housing

Regularization or legalization of buildings on undeveloped land existing buildings in Andalusia, after the entry into force of Decree 2/2012 of the Andalusian, whereby the regime existing buildings and settlements in regulating soil is not developable possible depending on each specific case.

What use is the legalization or regularization of housing?

- Technical documentation to supplement the lack of an implementation project and a Directorate of Works.
- They can be legalized / regularize all those who do not find built on soil protected or undeveloped flood, that are older than six years and meet with sanitation, safety and habitability.

The main advantages of legalizing or regularizing buildings on urban land are:

- The building can enroll and register, deed ... and therefore sell.
- You may request, license minimum repair and maintenance works that will maintain safety conditions, living and health Property.
- Rush may be asked to water services, sanitation and electricity.

What does it consist of?

Is a legal and technical process according to Royal Decree 2/2012 where an illegal building on which construction was more than 6 You can escriturarse years and enroll in the Registry of Property, besides asking for water supplies, electricity and gas law. So if you own a home or building on undeveloped land anywhere in Andalucía, where construction was done without license or in violation of a license granted by the city council, and you can not make registration in the Land Registry and incorporate it into their heritage, from the Royal Decree 2/2012, of 10 from January, whereby the regime existing buildings and settlements on undeveloped land in Andalusia is regulated, IT'S POSIBLE¡¡¡.


Analyze housing situation to see different options and the most appropriate in each case.


If possible legalized(although more expensive), it is recommended that before the adjustment or the simple registration of ownership with a certificate old.


If you can not legalize an AFO, proceed to SAFO in municipalities where available these ordinances, but a new statement of work will be done with a certificate old, as appropriate.


Calculations of fees to be paid at City Hall


the declaration of new work notarized and subsequent registration in the Land Registry subsequently held.

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