An Energy Audit is the first step in a process of improving energy efficiency, through a comprehensive technical study of all (industry, company, dwelling, local, office, building, etc.).

Improvement opportunities and technical and economic feasibility are quantified to facilitate decision-making at the time of undertaking investments to improve.

According to him sector or type of organization We classify our energy audits:

  • Energy audit in the housing sector
  • Energy audit in small tertiary sector
  • Energy audit at large tertiary sector
  • Energy audit in the services sector
  • Energy audit in the industrial sector
  • Energy audit in agriculture

According to him scope energy audit:

  • Partial energy audit: where we study certain facilities exclusively
  • Total energy audit: where we study the entire building or oganizacion

According to him time or phase in which we develop the energy audit:

  • Energy audit project: In which the design is priotario
  • Energy audit work: In which the development of the project implementation is priotario
  • Audit building in service or organization: In which priority is given to the installations in operation and normally with some old.


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