Architecture Studio & Engineering

Dispatch formed Architects and Engineers, where we offer comprehensive services, technical and management to meet customer needs while maintaining a single contact with him.

Interior design

We create environments that enhance the spatial qualities to be transmitted. We provide a comprehensive service that ranges from the distribution of space to the choice of decorative elements in homes and businesses. Lighting. Very important part of a home or premises where we produce photorealistic views of the outcome through programs of lighting engineering calculations. Photorealistic 3D Projects.

3D modeling / 2D & Lighting

From an initial idea or a model is built drawings 3D, which added to the calculation of lighting, we will give a good approximation of the set. Check the appearance of the project by applying different types of textures, obtaining materials and finishes late photorealistic images. Seccionados en 3D/2D, will allow you to visualize the spaces and the distribution of their project more clearly and realistically.

How I can make my dream house?

Give us your idea and we give forms:
housing, businesses or industrial.

We project housing / Industrial 3D / 2D - actual display

Optimize building project comprehensively beyond the creative design and construction management, coordinating and managing agents, processes and procedures involved in each stage bounded perfectly.

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