The necessary energy certification agreement with the Basic Energy Saving Document (DB-HE) Technical Building Code (CTE) and the Regulation of Thermal Installations in Buildings (RITE), both updated in the year 2013, I require the review of the procedure for rating the energy efficiency of the building. Likewise, It has been deemed necessary to define a more flexible framework to adapt certification to permanent technical advancement and innovation given in the building sector in relation to energy efficiency.

Main changes were introduced in the process of certification are:

- Energy consumption indicator

It has been adopted as an indicator of consumer certification, the consumption of non-renewable primary energy, in accordance with section HE0 DB HE, as set out in Directive 2010/31 / EU.

- climatic and rating scales data

Climate data used for certification have been unified with the DB HE determined for different climatic zones. Likewise, They have been adequately corrected scales to adapt to new climates, maintaining the criteria stated above for fixing the limits of the different classes.

- Factors step

They were added in the certification procedure factors established in step updated Recognized Document RITE, "CO2 emission factors and coefficients of passing primary energy from different sources in final energy consumed in the building sector in Spain."

- Replacement systems

The technical characteristics of replacement systems have been modified to conform to regulatory requirements according to the RITE.

- Levels of ventilation in residential buildings

They have been established consistent levels of ventilation with the actual conditions of use of residential buildings.


Due to the implementation of these changes, there may be a variation in the results obtained performing the energy rating of one building with the old version of the program * and the new **.

Likewise, to facilitate statistical treatment of the data entered in the energy certificates, new versions of the programs generate digital file in XML format, containing all data and certificate it must be provided at time of registration.
For the entry into force of all these changes it is following a stepwise process: since 14 of January of 2016 the respective registers of the Autonomous Communities and Cities will admit only certificates generated with new versions of programs recognized. Until that day will only be accepted certificates generated by older versions of programs recognized.
Certificates in force on the day 14 of January of 2016 They need not be updated until you complete its period of validity or amend some of the characteristics of the building impinging on certification. Although if desired, it can reissue a new certificate according to the new procedure, replaces the previous, before the end of the period of validity of this.
By last, We emphasize that new releases programs are compatible with digital files generated by the versions of old programs, requiring only updating some of your data.

* old version of the program:
CE3X Version1.3
CE3 _VERSION 1.1_1852_663
CERMA version 2.6
** new version of this software:
CE3X versión.2.1.
CE3 version 2375.1015 .
HULC version 20151113
CERMA version 4

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